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Our Intrepid Staff  (in no particular order):  FluffyXai - "Your neighbourhood friendly fluff. Digital artist of ponies and other things, host of Tree time, DM of Tails of Equestria and player on Dice & Dingbats. Live streams art and critiques over on the MLPDrawingSchool"  TheFangirl - "The Fangirl is just that: a massive fangirl for multiple fandoms-- her specialty being Tolkien facts, and random crap that you hear Literature professors spouting out. Artist, Voice Actor for multiple projects, one of the Hosts for Dice and Dingbats, and occasional rager (you wouldn't like her when she's angry), she's a great member to the team... until you get her and Sherly into a rant."  Trademark - "Annoying cohost for Tree Time, amateur voice actor, audio editor and conductor of the Trainwreck, this young man is ready to give you information you did not need or want all while laughing like a hyena on drugs."  MaravexLast - "The Elusive Musical Maestro. Eager to help in whatever way possible, be it anything audio or writing wise. Showrunner, Composer and star of Doctor Whooves the Great with credentials on DWnA and wherever else this flusterd mess may find his service needed."  Storm Spark - "Too positive for her own good"  RandomGreymane -  "Who let him in here?"  Squirrel - "I eat nuts. and run the place. Help."  (More staff to be added to this list as soon as they get back to me with a blurb or quote. - RandomGreymane)