And the current list of staff is…


DJSquirrel – He REALLY likes nuts.

FluffyXai – The fluffiest cinnamon roll you’ll ever meet.

MissRarity – Strength, elegance, and the epitome of grace. (Seriously – don’t mess with her.)

QD – Resident music geek. (No, you can’t make a flaming kazoo QD.)

RandomGreymane – Who the hell let him in here??

Sherlock Whooves – The best drunken detective money can buy and a mind like no other.

Tenkage – Anime Girl extraordinaire! And a damn good voice actress. (Don’t mess with her either.)

TheFanGirl – Artist in voice, word, and drawing! Professional Shipper and WOW addict!

Tradmark – Stalwart reviewer and audio editor. (Just don’t mention Batman & Harley Quinn and you’ll be fine.)

StarryFlame – Adorable but evil incarnate. Rules Oatstralia with an iron hoof!

Storm Spark – Mistress of The Triangle! Helps rule Oatstralia with a whip and a snek.



Under Construction and Under New Management

sorry for the inconvenience

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