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Farewell to DJ Shamrock, DJ KBrony, and Plausocks

— KBrony @ Jan 28, 11:30 pm

It is with a heavy heart that Celestia Radio’s former Owner, General Manager, and HR Manager take their curtain call after many years at her Majesties’ Finest Radio. Read the full release below:

To all the many wonderful listeners and fans of her majesty’s finest, it is with a heavy heart that I write to you today. To those who have listened to our station since the days of our inception, you may remember me as the daytime host– DJ Shamrock. If you weren’t listening in those days, you might not even know me, or may just recall me as ‘that guy that runs CR’. Even as I sit here, listening to DJ KBrony work his magic from his booth at his new radio career, I recall what it was that brought me here to this amazing community.


I’ve been here with CR for nearly 4 years, and have managed/run it for three quarters of that time, and it has been a wonderful yet challenging experience. I came to Landon (aka Karai, the original PR and front man for CR) in the spring of 2011 with nothing but a passion for radio (and ponies!) and a desire to turn a 24/7  auto-dj’d music stream into a unique live-show one of a kind radio station for bronies and all fans of radio. What I got myself into, boy, that was more than anyone could have anticipated!


I’ve seen musicians come and go, greatest hits turn into legends of yesteryear. I’ve seen other stations rise and fall, and of course I’ve gone from seeing Nightmare Moon change into everyone’s lovable ‘sister princess’ Luna. Quite a lot has happened in these years, and it’s hard to shake the feeling of just how long it’s been since I started here as the community’s original radio personality.


But it’s been some time since that was what I did. I’ve been busy through the years trying to push CR to the next level, and while I think I managed to succeed, I failed at many things. I’m afraid that the best thing I could have done for CR and for all of you would have been to continue doing what I was good at, and that’s being a broadcaster first, and a boss second. In managing CR, I’ve watched many fans drift away from the fandom and our station, and I’ve watched even some of our staff take the same route. Some I even had to escort off the premises (not fun!). But I digress, those are all just memories now.


When I took over the reigns of running this pony show from Karai a few years ago, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I made the decision to quit college and focus solely on CR (not a decision I regret at all, it was necessary) and I put all my energy into it. My mission was simple– help CR become great, give aspiring minds a platform for cultivating their craft, and build a loving family of talented individuals who enjoyed what they did. And while I believe that much of this mission has been accomplished, it’s come to my attention that a great number of others don’t feel the same way.


It is my hope that I’ve done the best that I could, with what I was given. But, should it not be so, I hope that you, the fans, can forgive me. It was never my intention for things to come to this, but I knew some day this moment would come. So what is it exactly I’m getting at here, you might wonder? Well, effective immediately, I will be stepping down as owner and operator of Celestia Radio. In fact, I will hold no other capacities here aside from avid fan.


Leaving with me are General Manager, DJ KBrony, and HR Manager, Plausocks. As for their reasons, I believe you should ask them personally, but I believe I can sum up our general thoughts behind this decision.


While a difficult decision to make, we have all finally realized that our CR of today is not what it once was. Not to say it is better or worse (as I believe we have made leaps and bounds as a station), but the work and the joy is simply not there anymore. I find myself often thinking of days gone by when I used to sit in front of terrible WinAMP streaming software, fiddling with my headset mic and old 2008 laptop, trying desperately to keep my PC from crashing everytime I switched from ‘stream’ to ‘mic’. The only question is whether I outgrew CR, or it outgrew me, and to this I honestly have no answer.


I love everyone who has ever called us their favorite station, all my fans from long ago who listened nonstop to my 5 hour sessions a day, 5-7 days a week. You all are why I got involved and stayed involved for so long. Whether we kept you company while you were devastating the competition on Steam, or romping around and having fun in SecondLife. Or whether you were tasking away at work or school and needed a friendly voice. I’ve been there and you became as much a part of my life as I hope I was in yours. But this position is no longer mine to claim, and like the great few before me, Hooflander, Karai, Prison, and PHPony, it is now time for my curtain call. One can only ride a horse (or pony) for so long before it’s time to get off the ride, and I’m so happy to have been blessed to ride this crazy train for so long.


I will be leaving control of CR in Void’s hands, as well as the rest of the Directors at CR. What they wish to do with the station is not my knowledge or my call, and I wish for you to respect their decision, as I will. To those wondering, no, it doesn’t mean I’m leaving the community or ponies or anything like that. After all, Season 5 is around the corner! I will simply be pursuing other things that I enjoy outside of CR. To that affect, if you wish to keep in touch, you can always reach me at or on Skype, username: andrew_abdiel_mccloud


And so that I don’t end on too much of a sad note, I would encourage those interested in following my brand new twitter account, @DJShamrockLive. I won’t spoil too much, but DJ KB and myself have a project in the works that we hope you will all come to enjoy. So if you love radio, video games, or anything involving a couple of crazy Irishmen, check it out and stay tuned!


And in the words of my good friend EmeraldPage, Keep Being Awesome. See you all around the bend, much love and much appreciation to all our fans and listeners!


DJ Shamrock


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