Web Player Chrome Issues

Hi! RandomGreymane here – we’re finding that recently the web player is not working in Chrome. I’m working to resolve it, hoever for the moment we know it works in Firefox.

My apologies and we’ll find the solution. 🙂

Just a quick note…

Hi! This is Lauren, and Squirrel and I are the new owners of Celestia Radio! The station has been in disrepair for a while, and now we’ve undertaken the task of rebuilding from scratch. In doing so, we’re revamping our look, schedule, and mission statement! This process takes time, so please pardon our dust while we get the station back on track. Thank you for all of your continued faith and support! – Lauren Goodnight

An album about emotions, Derpy’s Wings 4

Hi’ya, I’m proud to announce my next Derpy’s Wings charity album! Featuring musicians from all over coming together for a common goal, to help raise money for Heifer International! They’re a foundation whos solo mission is to help end world hunger!

Derpy’s Wings 4 – An album themed around evoking emotions through music. Tune in Saturday April 4th at 3PM EST (7PM UTC) and listen these talented musician’s emotions through the art of music.
Hope you’ll be there! Derp!

Oh, Almost forgot! The artists of Celestia Radio baked some extra special wallpaper themed around emotion for the event! Click below to see them!

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Seeds of Kindness: A Princess Carol Charity Album

Buck tradition! Well, apart from the tradition that every year at Christmas it is time to release another piece of the A Princess Carol project—all for one of only four top effective charities of the world: the Against Malaria Foundation.

After the release of “What Land is This” by MEMJ0123, Scraticus, and Luxumbra in 2012, and the release of the full A Princess Carol audio play in 2013, we are now honored to be allowed to announce to the fandom that the album of all carols from the audio play (including alternative versions) is about to be released! Continue reading “Seeds of Kindness: A Princess Carol Charity Album”

Best Songs of 2013

In keeping with a long standing tradition, Celestia Radio is thrilled to announce our third annual Best Songs of the Year countdown extravaganza.
Join the CR staff as we look back to an incredible year of musical production in the brony fandom, and highlight fifty songs in particular, each painstakingly evaluated and compiled by a team of Celestia Radio’s best DJ’s. Continue reading “Best Songs of 2013”