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Derpy Hooves News
Derpy Hooves News
Derpy Hooves News
Derpy Hooves News
Derpy Hooves News
Derpy Hooves News

Listen to CR on Tunein

— Celestia @ May 1, 4:56 am

Need more ways to listen to her majesty’s finest radio station?
Fear not we have one!

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Derpy’s Wings 4 is out now!

— DerpTime @ Apr 4, 6:08 pm

I’m happy to announce the Derpy’s Wings Four Album is available right now!
Go get it!
Derpy’s Wings 4 Bandcamp

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Derpy Hooves

An album about emotions, Derpy’s Wings 4

— Derpy Hooves @ Mar 27, 2:12 am

Hi’ya, I’m proud to announce my next Derpy’s Wings charity album! Featuring musicians from all over coming together for a common goal, to help raise money for Heifer International! They’re a foundation whos solo mission is to help end world hunger!

Derpy’s Wings 4 – An album themed around evoking emotions through music. Tune in Saturday April 4th at 3PM EST (7PM UTC) and listen these talented musician’s emotions through the art of music.
Hope you’ll be there! Derp!

Oh, Almost forgot! The artists of Celestia Radio baked some extra special wallpaper themed around emotion for the event! Click below to see them!

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Farewell to DJ Shamrock, DJ KBrony, and Plausocks

— KBrony @ Jan 28, 11:30 pm

It is with a heavy heart that Celestia Radio’s former Owner, General Manager, and HR Manager take their curtain call after many years at her Majesties’ Finest Radio. Read the full release below:

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Radio Maintenance and Updates

— KBrony @ Jan 11, 5:51 pm

Hello to our awesome CR listeners, both new and old! We have a few updates about the current state of the radio, as well as a few more improvements you can expect to see in the near future! Read on to see what’s going on yourself!

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Seeds of Kindness: A Princess Carol Charity Album

— KBrony @ Dec 25, 9:11 pm

Buck tradition! Well, apart from the tradition that every year at Christmas it is time to release another piece of the A Princess Carol project—all for one of only four top effective charities of the world: the Against Malaria Foundation.

After the release of “What Land is This” by MEMJ0123, Scraticus, and Luxumbra in 2012, and the release of the full A Princess Carol audio play in 2013, we are now honored to be allowed to announce to the fandom that the album of all carols from the audio play (including alternative versions) is about to be released!

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Welcome to the New Celestia Radio Website.

— Celestia @ Dec 14, 1:32 am

It took us a while to build but its final up and online.
New CR Features and more to come soon!

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Balloon Party – Mindscapes

— Void @ Nov 20, 11:31 pm

Join us for the Premiere of Academy of Power‘s Mindscapes. December 1st, 2pm Est time.

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The Give Back For Sham’s Back: Fundraiser

— KBrony @ Oct 10, 4:52 am

Celestia Radio is reaching out to, and beyond our listener base to seek help for a person that is not only the owner of our beloved radio station, but a true friend and brother to many on this planet.

That is correct folks. DJ Shamrock is in dire need of your assistance, and it’s a problem out of our hands alone. On September 5th, DJ Shamrock was admitted to the Emergency Room.

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KiKi’s Annual Fundraiser

— KBrony @ Jun 1, 5:08 am

From now until 11:59(EST) on June 7th  Celestia Radio will be hosting the first annual Kiki Memorial Fundraiser.
Any and all donations sent to Celestia Radio until the end of the fundraiser will go directly to struggling families and children at the Ronald McDonald Houses of Orange County and San Diego.

The coming week will feature a plethora of entertaining and engaging live programing celebrating both the show, and the life of our beloved and late friend, Kiki Havivy. Stay tuned to Celestia Radio’s website and social media for updates and posts regarding the fundraiser.

If you are interested in  contributing to the fundraiser, you can do so by making a donation from our website, joining our IRC chatroom, or by emailing us your ideas at our email address,

We look forward to sharing this upcoming week with all of you, and hope to see you tuned in!


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